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Government & MilitaryWhen our Government and Military customers need reliable and rugged video & audio routing solutions, they call Sierra Video. We’re known for building quality products and offering them at COTS prices. Whether in training applications or range monitoring installations, Sierra Video provides the right solutions at the right price.

Reliably Serving:

      • Command and Control
      • Simulation and Training
      • Homeland Security & Surveillance
      • Conferencing & Presentation
      • Collaboration Centers
      • Range Monitoring
      • Airborne Op's
      • Shipboard Consoles
      • Transportation Monitoring

Lockheed Martin Receives 75th “Ruggedized” Sierra PRO™ Routing Switchers for Its Q70 Program

Sierra Video ships its 75th customized video routing switcher as part of Lockheed Martin’s Q-70 console program. The “ruggedized” wideband routing switcher was designed to withstand intense levels of shock and vibration.
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US Navy Uses Sierra Pro in New Line of Littoral Combat Ships.

"This opportunity follows on the successes of our previous Navy programs such as Q-70, NAVSEA2 and the aircraft carrier upgrade. Our Sierra PRO routing switcher has shown time and again that it can hold up under tremendous stress and strain."
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U.S. Army Testing Facility Selects Sierra Video Routers for Mission-Critical Environment.

In a mission-critical environment like U.S. Army weapons testing, the Sierra Video Sequoia Routers prove that high resolution video makes it just like “being there.”
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New York State Senate and other Local Governments use Sierra Video Routers.

In another government chamber in Mexico City, Sierra Video products guide a complex network of video, audio, and computer graphics video signals throughout the ruling party’s senate headquarters.
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Charlotte Police & DOT Keeps the Streets Safe with Sierra Video's Sequoia Router.

“We could become one large center, but we needed a router with a higher frame rate to prevent picture break-down during transmission. We were looking for a broadcast quality unit, as opposed to a security-quality unit,”
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Building a Better Surveillance System with the Dept. of Homeland Security

Sequoia™ Routing Switchers
Charlotte Department of Transportation

Connecting a Premiere Communications Center for the Mexican Government

Lassen™ Routing Switchers
Mexico City's Torre Azul

U.S. Army Selects Routing Switchers for Mission-Critical Environment

Sequoia Routing Switchers
U.S. Army

Military Systems Integrator puts Routing Switcher through 20 G's of Acceleration

Tahoe Routing Switchers
U.S. Navy Military Systems Integrator

Sierra Video, a subsidiary of Kramer Electronics, Ltd., is the most trusted name in providing high quality video and audio equipment for the worldwide broadcast, post-production, presentation and professional video marketplaces. Sierra Video offers a broad range of switching systems and production products for both HD, digital and analog applications. Founded in 1984, the company is located in Grass Valley, California.

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